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Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Address!

Just wanted to alert everyone that I officially have a new address!

Katie Richards
B.P. 9
Koungheul, Senegal
West Africa

Sorry to say that I don't have too much time to update you all on my very remote village life. Today, I am busy celebrating Thanksgiving, speaking English and eating cold things. I should be able to get a blog entry up in the next couple of weeks.

Happy Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Here goes nothing...

Don't have too much time to write out a large blog entry, but I thought I would mention that I put up a few more photos on photobucket. These are the main members of my close family (my homestay mother and father and four younger sisters), but there are plenty more important people to come!

Other than that, tomorrow is the date that we "swear-in" and become official Peace Corps Volunteers! It is very exciting to have successfully finished this two month rigorous training, but its going to be tough to leave the family I have grown to love here. Luckily, after swearing in, we will spend one more day with our families, the holiday of Tabaski. Tabaski is a muslim holiday, primarily marked by the fact that every family will slaughter a male sheep (kind of a more gruesome version of Thanksgiving). Everyone here raves about this holiday, so it should be a good cultural experience...

And after that, on November 11 at exactly 6:00 pm (though lets be honest this timing does not exist in Africa), I will be kicked out of Peace Corps car with all of my baggage to move into my future hut...should be intense, so if any of you feel the need to write a supportive email, I would be very receptive..haha...

till next time.