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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hut Life

Just got back from my "volunteer visit" where I spent a few days learning about hut life! I don't have too many exciting updates since my last post, however, I did get to ride in some interesting transportation. To get to the remote village (not the one I will be staying in, but by the time you get this rural in Senegal its usually all the same) I rode on what's called a sareet. A sareet is like a horse or donkey drawn carriage, and by carriage, I mean some boards attached to a couple of wheels with the animal tied to the front. I also rode in a couple of buses/seven passenger cars where goat, sheep, cows and chickens are frequently strapped to the top or hanging out in the trunk. I'm sorry to say that I have not captured a picture of this yet, something to look forward to.

I did however take some pictures of what my living situation will probably look like for the next two years. I uploaded these pictures to a public album on photobucket, check it out!! Just as a note, the people in the pictures are members of the homestay family of the volunteer who I visited, I don't really know these people. This will just give you a taste of my environment, enjoy!

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